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Our history

Norblock AS was established in 1987 in Bjørnevatn, Finnmark, to become a significant exporter of natural stone products to the international market, based on producing natural stone from the iron ore in Bjørnevatn and later extracting the green Fuxit quartzite in Kautokeino. ​


Today, Norblock AS and its subsidiaries own rights to mine, operate and sell two types of light granite and one green quartzite. ​


Trøndergranitt AS, the quarry at Støren has a long history, and has been operated for more than 150 years. Opened already in 1852. It became part of the Norblock group in 2011. The light granite is known as Støren Silver White or simply Silver White. ​


Rennebu Granitt AS opened trial operations in 2000 and started ordinary quarrying operations with the extraction of blocks the following year. Bruddet was incorporated into Trøndergranitt AS in 2013 and later separated into its own company. The quarry extracts an almost white granite under the name Ice Green. ​


Fuxite AS was established in 1998 to operate natural stone quarries in Kautokeino, Finnmark, on the green quartzite found there, marketed as Arctic Green (formerly known as Verde Lapponia). Due to regulatory technical circumstances, the Fuxite quarry is unfortunately temporarily closed. ​


Norwegian Rose AS is a marble quarry in Fauske sold to Norblock AS in 2013. It was sold on in 2023.

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